Images ©by The Barber Institute of fine Art

Family Saturday Workshop:

Saturday 8 July 2023, 11am – 1pm

How can we create a lasting memory of our day at the gallery? Join artist Mengxia Liu and make museum mementoes inspired by motifs from nature! Hunt for images of flowers and fruits around the Barber, recording the most curious, intriguing forms you can find. Then transform the textures and colours you have seen into an amazing tote bag design. Use printing techniques to create bright, bold patterns, then accessorise your bag with a hand-drawn badge! 

Families’ Feedback:
10/10 Really well run, friendly and welcoming. We're really pleased the sessiona have re-started
I loved it! My bag is amazing. Thank you!
Thanks a lot for a wonderful session!! We enjoyed the time with family and creating lovely bags
It was amazing. It was so arty fun. Slothmazin
We had  wonderful time today. Thank you for the amazing resources and for being so supportive and enthusiastic! :)