<Bullring Open Market Reportage Illustration>, 2018
W 225cm * H 92cm,
Multiple Materials

Documentary Video:

-- Bullring Open Market Reportage Illustration Documentary By Mengxia Liu


I am a Chinese who is deeply attracted by the mixed immigrant community culture, because compare to where I live before it is impossible to see. however, Market is a perfect place to observe the miniature of an entire city. So, the project I am working on is Bullring Open Market Reportage Illustration which is made by hand drawing composite multiple materials.

This work is a project exploring the rich cultural diversity and history of the Bullring Market which  has been open for over a century in Birmingham. I combine reportage, documentary illustration with an anthropological approach to my research that explores the multiple narratives, both explicit and hidden, in the market place. As an outsider myself I explore techniques and methodologies from a cross cultural perspective to create an ongoing and dynamic record of an ever changing community that reflects the on the multi layered history, texture and community of the market as a site of commerce and manifestation of emergent immigrant culture.

Some Sketches: