Stefania Reportage Illustration, 2019
W 237cm * H 95cm,
Multiple Materials

Documentary Video:


Stefania Reportage Illustration from xia Sa ra on Vimeo.


I was invited to attend the 11th Saint-Étienne Biennale of Design exhibition in March 2019. In this project, as an artist residency,I observed the way of visitors with different cultural backgrounds of interacting with the exhibits in Stefania city and presented the biennale community culture in the form of reportage illustrations.

Stefania is a mirage that is part of the Biennale. The visitors will be able to experience the function of city. For instance, they could enjoy the music and indulgence of the club here, or go to the sauna, watch live dance performances or ride a bicycle on the street.

This virtual city concept is not only refreshing our feelings,but also enable us to take the drama out of the great changes that are taking place in our way of life and to give more freedom to young generations, who are eager to find their place as creatives in this distinctly saturated world.

In the early stages of the project, I mainly sketched the different stories that took place in Stefania as a visual journalist. In the final stages, I took the method of multiple narrative and isometric perspective to completely represent my feelings and each single scenes I observed of the city.

Exhibition Spot and Sketches: