Brum Zine Fest, 2019
Merit Award(Non-commercial ), Hii Illustration 2019
W 200cm * H 85cm,
Multiple Materials

Documentary Video:

Brumzinefest 2019 from Dreamsunset on Vimeo.

-- Brumzinefest2019 Reportage Illustration Documentary By Mengxia Liu


It was an honor to be commissioned by Brum Zine Fest to produce reportage illustrations of their event in July 2019. In addition, I also took part in a reportage illustration workshop making a live zine with a brilliant team.

Brum Zine Fest celebrates independent publishing and DIY making, bringing people together using zine approaches, methodologies and formats. In this year, people could not only trade indoors and attend in different workshops but they could also participate a picnic during the following day to directly discuss proposals for the next Brum Zine Fest with the organizers.

Reportage illustration offers a unique and different perspective for documenting events, even in an Internet era of instantly shareable photography and video. Reportage illustration not only clearly conveys the story, but also flexibly expresses the artist's own intuitive feelings.

In the early stages of the project, I sketched different stories depicting things that were taking place in Brum zine Fest. In this sense I acted as a visual journalist, attending many workshops and interacting with many of the people there. In the final stages, I combined the multiple narratives and in isometric perspective to completely represent my feelings of the scenes I observed at the Festival.

In the painting the indoor zine fair and outdoor zine picnic are simultaneously displayed. The work depicts the range of interesting interactions that took place and something of the atmosphere of the entire event. My approach is always to try to render visitors and organizers in the clothes they wore on the day, I feel this adds to the work being understood as an authentic document of how things appeared, even though spatially the work contracts and distorts where things took place.

Reportage Illustration workshop:

Over 100 number of zine orders and making process: